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Listed below are questions frequently asked about Space Jockey Reviews. The questions are, of course, followed by the answers. Please take the time to look over this information, as there is more to know than you may think. Reading this will help you have the most productive experiences while visiting. If you have a question that is not answered below, please post it in the comment box following the questions. I will answer your question personally and/or post an answer to it here in this section. FAQ comments are checked regularly. Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy your visit!

Do the reviews on Space Jockey Reviews contain "spoilers"?  Please remember that any review (including those on Space Jockey Reviews) may contain what some consider spoilers. Although I do my best to avoid gratuitous spoilers, I cannot guarantee my reviews to be completely free of them. If you do not like movie photos, event descriptions, and/or analyses of content in movies you haven’t seen, please use discretion in reading any review on this website. If, at any point, you feel you are reading, seeing, and or generally learning too much about a movie, please stop rather than continue. This is only a suggestion designed to keep you happy and well-motivated to return.

Who writes the reviews, feature articles, and other content on Space Jockey Reviews?  Aside from member comments, Chris Rennirt writes all content on Space Jockey Reviews.   Any exceptions would be noted, wherever appropriate.  For more information about Chris Rennirt, take a look at his profile by clicking here.

Is it okay to comment on movie reviews on Space Jockey Reviews?  Of course.  Thoughtful comments, questions, and reactions are always welcome.  Feel free to participate.   However, any rude, insulting, and/or hateful comments will be deleted.

Is Space Jockey Reviews a place to post full movie reviews in the comment sections? No. Full movie reviews are published as posts by Chris Rennirt only.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Are there any special procedures for posting comments and replies? Nothing out of the ordinary. Just post replies in response to comments and comments as new points for discussion. In the event that you reach the end of a comment’s preset limit for replies, feel free to post additional thoughts as a new comment. Just make sure it clearly refers to the initial comment.

Is it okay to post off-topic comments? In order to keep things as organized as possible, please make sure that all comments and replies relate to the overall topic, be it a movie or otherwise. If you have comments or questions that relate to no existing topics, please post those in the Asteroid Belt. That is basically a galactic parking lot for whatever sundry thoughts, questions, comments, and ideas you may otherwise want to discuss.

Is it okay to post links to other websites on Space Jockey Reviews? If you know another website that you think would be of interest to me and/or the Space Jockey community in general, please send a link to me first, via email at  If I agree that it is worthy of greater attention, I will post a link for it on the "Links" page.

Will rude, impolite comments and/or arguments of a hostile nature be tolerated at Space Jockey Reviews?  No. Space Jockey reviews is a place of intergalactic peace and harmony. Humans and aliens alike are encouraged to respect one another and welcome the forces that bring us together. Comments of a rude, impolite, or hostile nature will be deleted.

Is the content on the same as the content on  Not exactly.  Along with obvious design differences, is basically the full version. contains, in some cases, reviews, photos, and other material that are more graphic.  There is also extra content there that does not exist here on  Also visit and  see for yourself.

Why don't you use a rating system for with your movie reviews?  I do use the Space Jockey Rocket Meter on my website.  There, movies receive a "Rocket Rating" of 1 to 10.  On this blog, I only post the reviews.  For more details about the Rocket Meter and ratings, check out my website at

Is it okay to copy reviews, articles, and/or commentary on Space Jockey Reviews and use them elsewhere, without permission from Chris Rennirt?  No.  All movie reviews, articles, and commentary on this website are the property of Chris Rennirt. This property may not be copied, posted, or printed elsewhere, without permission from Chris Rennirt. Copyright © 2000-2012, Space Jockey Reviews, Inc. All rights reserved. Chris Rennirt can be contacted at

Is it okay to post links to Space Jockey Reviews on other websites, blogs, and elsewhere? Yes! Feel free to post links wherever you like.

Is it okay to copy photos of Space Jockey Arisu, Alia, and Selena and use them elsewhere? No.  All Space Jockey mascot photos are licensed to Chris Rennirt, to be used for this website and other purposes related to Space Jockey Reviews.  Mascot photos may not be copied, posted, or reproduced in any way.

Is it okay to post links to Space Jockey Reviews on other websites, blogs, and elsewhere? Yes! Feel free to post links wherever you like.

Is Space Jockey Arisu a real person?  Of course!  Check out her profile.

Is Space Jockey Arisu the only Space Jockey?  No. Space Jockey Selena and Space Jockey Alia (a.k.a. Princess Aurella) also make rare appearances on my website. Selena is the covert operative of cosmic cinema; her identity must be concealed for her own protection. Aurella is the princess turned adventure seeker, living her alter ego as Space Jockey Alia.  Look for Selena and Alia on my website at!

If you have a question that is not answered above, please post it in the box below. I will answer your question personally and/or post an answer to it here in this section. FAQ comments are checked regularly.

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