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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chase Dudley Interview

Space Jockey Reviews is happy to present its latest interview–one that’s already sending shock waves throughout the universe!  What’s it all about? Chase Dudley! Here, in this exclusive interview, the director, producer, cinematographer, cowriter, and co-star of Past Due tells it like it is, and lets us know the scoop behind the movie, himself, and other projects he has in the works. So, sit back, relax, and let the Space Jockey countdown launch you into an interview that’s surely to be as entertaining as it is informative! Enjoy!

Below are a few select photos of Chase Dudley at work, play, and whatever else! 

Chase Dudley does what it takes to get the shot!

 For those of you who missed the Past Due trailer, here it is! Check it out!  

The trailer for Chase Dudlely’s next film, Final Offense, will be posted on Space Jockey Reviews, as soon as it’s available. Check back for updates!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jill Kill, Sex Robots, and the Future - A Killer Review of Looper and More

A time-traveling Jill Kill makes Jill an honorary Space Jockey as sure as there's an event horizon surrounding a quantum singularity at the center of the galaxy. Okay, well, even though the quantum singularity is all theoretical, there's really nothing theoretical about Jill Kill as a Space Jockey worthy vixen of video and radiant reviews. Light years ahead of us all, Jill is always at the forefront of time and space, reviewing everything that matters with bold and beautiful opulence to spare. What's more here (as if that's not enough) is Jill's shining silver hair and hand bling, killing time to catch up with the future of film for herself and all of us! 
In Jill's latest review, she tells us why she so loves the new sci-fi film, Looper. She calls it "The best sci-fi/time-travel story I've seen in a long time!" If that's still not enough (although it surely is), Jill launches rockets at Space Jockey Reviews with mere mention of a sci-fi novel she wrote -- Nymph: The Singularity. (Could this be a quantum singularity, appearing by fate or coincidence again?). Anyway, after I say it's about "sex robots", don't waste an atomic-clock second getting over to Amazon Kindle to buy a copy for the unbelievably low price of just 99 cents! Yes, you read that right: "sex robots" and "99 cents" all in the same sentence! As Jill says, "If you like the idea of glamorous, futuristic worlds, and you like the idea of maybe owning your own custom sex robot at some point in the future, you should read my book." Yes, it's a cautionary tale for sure, complete with an Orwellian, hand-slapping lesson, no doubt! However, proceed without caution to get your copy, as it's sure to be worth the danger! This Space Jockey will be sure place it on the launch pad, before mission control even starts the countdown. A full review of the novel may even be in the works! Who knows? Far smaller things than this cosmic event has caused me to review art forms other than movies! At Space Jockey Reviews, infinity is the limit! 

Here's a little more about Nymph: The Singularity:

"What if you could buy the perfect lover built just for you -- would you be willing to pay the price? Not long from now, an intelligent android will be invented that is completely indistinguishable from human. The brand name for this type of robot will be "Nymph", and their purpose will be to provide their owners with sexual pleasure. Suzanne is one of the first of this exciting new species. She doesn’t simulate love for her owner Alex or feign sexual pleasure when she’s with him -- her emotions are very real, and her love for her owner will never die until the day he does. But Alex doesn’t recognize Suzanne as the extraordinary miracle of art and programming that she is -- he’s too unnerved by her calculating behavior and haunted by memories of the past. Luckily Suzanne meets a male Nymph named Jules, an exact replica of his closeted homosexual owner (who’s also a famous movie star). Jules shows Suzanne the possibilities beyond the limits of her programming -- and gives her illegal upgrades that conflict with her loyalty, until she doesn’t know who she is or who she’s supposed to love. Jules also introduces her to the Harlots -- a Marilyn Monroe-look-alike, a synthetic doppelganger for silent film star Louise Brooks, and a Nymphet that answers to the name Lolita. These three Harlots live without human owners and without love -- and though Jules promises to teach Suzanne how she can live the same way, he doesn’t realize that he’s falling in love with her. Suzanne has to choose between her love and loyalty to her owner, and the new desires Jules has awakened inside her -- and meanwhile her human owner has to decide if he’s going to allow his past to undermine his future." 

Without further adulation or teasing, I'll turn this over to Jill Kill herself, reviewing the "Killer" rated movie, Looper! Enjoy! :D Check out Jill’s superstellar website by clicking here! Visit Jill’s Twitter page by clicking here! See Jill’s Facebook page by clicking here! Be dazzled by Jill's Tumblr by clicking here! Buy and read Jill's novel Nymph: The Singularity at Amazon Kindle! Subscribe to Jill’s Youtube Channel–one subscription you’ll never regret!

Without further adulation or teasing, I'll turn this over to Jill Kill herself, reviewing the "Killer" rated movie, Looper! Enjoy! :D

Check out Jill’s superstellar website by clicking here!

Visit Jill’s Twitter page by clicking here!

See Jill’s Facebook page by clicking here!

Be dazzled by Jill's Tumblr by clicking here!


...and of course, could this post be complete without the trailer for Looper? Of course not. So, here it is!

Leave a comment, and name your favorite sci-fi time travel story of all time?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lien Mya Nguyen Interview

Lien Mya Nguyen is an actress, writer, producer, singer, model, talk show host, a Space Jockey, and much more! Check out this interview (from October 24, 2012), and meet Mya! Learn more about her and all the awesome things she's doing! It's one interview you won't want to miss! Also, be sure to check out all of Mya's pages here on Space Jockey Reviews!

Table art (from left to right) by Chris Rennirt and Lien Mya Nguyen

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Back in May, Space Jockey Reviews featured and reviewed a spectacular short horror film called Mama. At the time, the word was that Guillermo del Toro was in negotiations to produce a full-length horror feature for Universal Pictures, based on the same short film. I am happy to say that now the word is known to be true. Guillermo del Toro himself (the master of surreal imagination) is indeed directing the film, and production is well underway.

To wet the mouths of all you hardcore horror junkies, we have the first teaser trailer that looks to be as intense (albeit in a big hollywood way) as the original short film by Andres and Barbara Muschietti. If Guillermo del Torro's production is anywhere near as scary as the short film, then it should also be one seriously hair-raising treat of a movie. This Space Jockey for one cannot wait to see it!

Like the short version, the feature film is about two girls on the run from a ghostly demon of a woman, monster, or both who seems (or wants) to be their mother.  As the word was before, the girls had been lost in the woods for several years, before being rescued and adopted out to a well-to-do suburban couple. However, their rescue is only temporary! With mother (or whatever it is) still wanting to tuck them in bed, things get scary as $%&# pretty fast! How much more creepy can this get?  With Guillermo del Toro in charge, I’d say a lot!  And with Guillermo's out-of-this-world ability to put surreal dreams to film, I'd say the visuals here will be as much of treat on their own.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jessica Chastain, Megan Charpentier, and Isabelle Nélisse in a custody battle with Mama

The feature production stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nélisse, and Jessica Chastain. Jessica has also appeared in the award-winning drama The Help with Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer. The original short film stars Victoria Harris and Berta Ros. I cannot yet compare the performances of Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nélisse as Victoria and Lilly to the performances of Victoria Harris and Berta Ros. However, I can say that the characters as portrayed by Victoria and Berta could not have been better, in the context of the short film. Only time will tell that, as well as how the movie itself compares to the short. Although longer is not always better, things do look promising here.

"When is the time?" you ask. It's January 18, 2013. Yes, it's a long time from now, but that could be good. Movies that are chucked out too fast can have problems due to being hurried. With nearly five more months to go, Mama has more than enough time  to grow into the biggest badass of a movie your horror-seeking self ever saw. For now, let's keep our nail-bitten, film-loving fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Below are a few more screen shots from the feature film! I won't explain anything, since the mystery makes it all the better anyway.

 For your viewing pleasure (and to compare the two) here's the latest teaser trailer from Guillermo del Torro, followed by the original short film by Andres and Barbara Muschietti. Enjoy! Just have a clean pair of shorts on standby! EPOs and restraining orders be damned! Mama wants her babies back!

For updates about Mama, stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews!

Check out the full review of the original short film Mama by clicking here!

First up is the teaser trailer for the feature-length film from Guillermo del Torro!


The original short film Mama below stars Victoria Harris, Berta Ross, and Irma Monroig, Written and Directed by Andy Muschietti, Director of Photography: Sebastian Sarraute, Director of Art: Pancho Chamoro, Music by Gil Talmi, Produced by Barbara Muschietti. Enjoy!