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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zena S. Dixon (Real Queen of Horror)

Fuel the rockets!  Space Jockey Reviews has recently joined forces with Zena S. Dixon (Editor in Chief at to bring humans and aliens alike THE movie reviewing show of shows--Dissecting Cinema!  Yes, click here for the first stellar episode that already has astrophysicists rewriting formulas for the depth of cinema reviewing possible!What's also not to miss is an introduction to Zena, with her very own video! Watch this, and you'll see the personality, commitment, enthusiasm, and all-out love for horror that makes Zena more than special at SJR...and everywhere else! Without further ado, let the video, the rockets, and Zena begin!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter 2014 Macabre Faire Film Festival

Space Jockey Reviews is proud to announce that our very own Editor in Chief, Chris Rennirt, is a judge for the Winter 2014 Macabre Faire Film Festival.

“TwitchTwitch Productions presents Long Island’s only film festival catering to films in the sub-genre categories. This networking haven will showcase independent films from around the world for the 5th Macabre Faire Film Festival and unite directors, actors, producers and fans under one roof for 3 days of movie madness, live band performances and Awards!” ~ Macabre Faire Film Festival

Check out all the latest on the festival’s official website at It all happens at the Mill River Manor Best Western Hotel, Jan 17-19, 2014. Get your tickets now, and don’t miss it! In the meantime, tease yourself with sneak peeks at the truly sensational cinema showcased! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

FACELESS (with Chris Rennirt and Zena S. Dixon)

Are you ready for a movie-reviewing duo second to none? Of course you are! So, whatever you do, don't miss Dissecting Cinema with Chris Rennirt and Zena S. Dixon! First up for dissection is Jess Franco's Faceless. Yes! Sharpen your scalpel and get the movie on the gurney. The first show is here!

And, of course, you must enjoy the theme song, Faceless (by Vincent Thoma), as much as we did!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crying Wolf - "An Extraordinary Tail"

"From the Director of DeadTime and Zombie Harvest comes Crying Wolf! They're hungry, hairy and ready to hunt you down! The comedy horror Crying Wolf tells the story of strange and weird goings on in a little English village called Deddington. The gruesome death of local girl Charlotte by a rabid monster causes alarm and revulsion - before desperate reporters, crazy detectives and revenge seeking hunters descend on the scene! Crying Wolf is a fast-paced British comedy horror that will keep you howling for more!" ~ Written by Crying Wolf Ltd
Crying Wolf is the latest film from Tirana Films International and Great Dayne Entertainment. It stars , , , , , , , , , and Space Jockey Reviews favorite ! (Yes, anything with Caroline is already in the review queue at SJR!) Crying Wolf is directed by and written by Andy Davie, Michael Dale and !

The movie will be released in cinemas and on DVD worldwide in 2013. From the trailer, Crying Wolf doesn't look to be making false claims like the "Little Boy" of nursery rhyme fodder. Plus, Space Jockey Reviews always loves a good British horror comedy! So, of course, it's already on the radar for a full review. Yes! Stay tuned for all the bloody details and lycanthropic updates (wink, wink). In the meantime, get your silver bullets ready, hang your wolfsbane high...and, with caution, check out the tooth-filled trailer below. Here, a metaphorical "sharp bite" is surely ahead! Enjoy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jenny Brown Interview

Lately, Space Jockey Reviews has scored a series of awesome interviews with the blogging world's finest friends and creators of critiques we so love to read!  Who is the ultra-talented cosmic cohort this time? Who is this most colorful siren of cinematic content?  It's none other than Jenny Brown (aka Jenny Krueger) from Memoirs of a Scream Queen at course!

Yes, who else but Jenny Brown can scream her way into the hearts of humans, monsters, and yes, aliens alike?  Who else produces such compelling photos to complement a portfolio of pulchritude, all the better done with blood, no less?  Of course, I could go on and on; but, I won't.  Instead, I'll just let you see (and hear) for yourself the awesomeness that is Jenny Brown. Pictures galore of Jenny are above, in the interview, and below as well. Enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to stick around for the end after the end. Like they say, "It ain't over 'til it's over," and not until Jenny returns for her last thank you!  Stay tuned to see is special enough for a call back on SJR!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Zena Sadé Dixon Interview

Start the countdown, and launch the rockets! Space Jockey Reviews is proud to present an interview with one of the horror genre's most prolific writers and hosts of interviews herself--Zena Sadé Dixon (aka Real Queen of Horror). This uber "fashionista" and true lover of all things horror tells it like it is here, just as she does every day in her spirited critiques of the best and worst in cinema. So, just like Zena, don't hold back or hesitate another second! Go right ahead and click that start button above, and let the horror begin! As a bonus, you'll also see a courtly collection of the queen's most royal photos! As Zena says, "Long Lives Horror!"

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Below are just a few of Zena's many beautiful photos you won't want to miss! :D

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Black Dahlia Haunting - Coming Soon to DVD and Blu-ray!

 Space Jockey Reviews has always been intrigued with the unsolved case of The Black Dahlia. So, of course, a movie titled The Black Dahlia Haunting is a no-brainer as an addition on the SJR watch list. What’s it about?  “While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as “The Black Dahlia.” ~ IMDb

The film stars Devanny Pinn, Britt Griffith, Noah Dahl, Alexis Iacono, Cleve A Hall, Jessica Cameron, Sarah Nicklin, Daniel Murawka, and Brandon Slagle (also the director of the film). Set your rockets on a course to see this one today, and stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for a review…of course!  Rave reviews for this one are already as common and spectacular as the stars in the sky! The Black Dahlia Haunting hits stores in the U.S., on DVD and Blu-ray, August 6th!  In the meantime, check the latest “Official Full Trailer – Re-Upload.”

Also check out the interview with Alexis Iacono (The Black Dahlia herself), on Space Jockey Reviews!  It’s a superstellar experience you won’t want to miss!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nicotine Stains

“Tobacco is a loaded pistol; time pulls the trigger.”

Can cigarettes be your god, your religion, or at least the little voice within you that is as powerful as a god anyway?  Even before seeing Nicotine Stains, I would have answered with an expected, resounding yes.  After seeing the movie, I will yell “Hell, yes!” louder than ever before!

Nicotine Stains (the latest film from writer/director Gennaro Desposito), introduces us to a man who could be any of us, transforming into one who could hopefully be but a few of us.  Charlie Lewis (Matt Fowler) is a crude but well-educated man, not always responsible, and well-intentioned but unable to control his impulses.  He is subject to stress and temptations more so than the rest of us (or so, I’d like to think).  Sound like anyone you know?  Perhaps a friend, a neighbor, someone you dislike, or all to the above?  Even as we meet Charlie, initially, he is the type of man whose typical nature is uncomfortable for the viewer, precisely because it is “typical.”   He’s the type of man we want to distance ourselves from because we sense—even before we know the worst—that his weakness will lead him to ruin…at least.  From the beginning, he is vulnerable and prone to self-destruction; his type is everywhere, and parts of his unlikeable, flawed character are within us all—that is, if we are honest.

Charlie’s less than likeable traits don’t stop there.  Oh, no!  That’s just everyday reality for many of us.  If that was all there was, we’d have difficulty moving this story in the direction it’s headed—horror!  “Where does the horror begin?” you ask.  It begins, quite simply, as it can for us all, with an addiction—that inner voice of unreasonable urge that tempts us always to the worst of places.  What is it?  Charlie is a smoker, and that is where his horror only begins.  Nicotine is his god, and he must worship it daily by inhaling the carcinogens from the cigarettes he cannot live without.  Ironic, isn’t it?  (Yes, you can tell I don’t like smoking.  Sorry.)
“…my whole family smoked—grandpa, grandma, my mom, my aunts.  I was always just fascinated by it….It was like all the adults had some sort of superpower…like they could breathe fire.” ~ Charlie Lewis
What’s worse?  Yes, we all know this has to get a lot worse (and trust me, it does).  Just smoking cigarettes and worshiping them as a god is too common for such a unique horror film.  Sugar (Renee M. Sher) is a woman whose job it is to make people try (and hopefully get addicted to) the latest lines of cigarettes.  The only thing sweet about sugar is her appearance; otherwise, her words are the devil’s voice when it comes to hooking the next nicotine fiend.  In Nicotine Stains, Sugar must also be selling the Devil’s brand—Vallero Ultimate Extremes.  In this case (or pack) “ultimate” is an understatement that understates all others!  Yes, we’re talking some serious nicotine here, and Sugar sells it well!

“You know you wanna light me up, Charlie.” ~ Sugar
“Does Charlie get addicted?” you ask.  In the interest of not spoiling an awesome ride into madness, mayhem and insanity, I’ll only say the obvious: “Yes, he does.”  Nicotine Stains is a brooding, downward spiral into the darkest places we must call “human,” like it or not.  The process of Charlie’s deterioration is precisely what makes Nicotine Stains such a standout movie in the genre.  Charlie’s change from a mildly unlikeable but typical character to one at the extreme of all that is human is made all the more convincing and realistic by the performance of Matt Fowler.

Yes, Nicotine Stains is a great story, filmed well, directed well, with all else that makes a great movie; but, in this case, a performance like one delivered by Fowler is the glue that holds it all together—or should I say, the paper that holds the tobacco together?  Acting like a person going crazy and finally being all out insane is not easy.  Realism, realism, and more realism is the necessary ingredient.  But here, Fowler makes child’s play of it.  Watching him react to voices inside his head (and if outside, being all the worse) is, indeed, a cinematic tour de force, unlike what I often see in such films.  I have seen Fowler play such a part before, without saying a word in Bryan Ryan’s Trespasser (also reviewed on Space Jockey Reviews), and he has done it with perfection here again.  In the hands (or mind) of a lesser actor Nicotine Stains could not have been the success it is; without Fowler as Charlie, it might not have been crazy enough to be committed to the genre.
Included in the story and Charlie’s life are his girlfriend, Jen (Lacy Hornick), his best friend Ryan (Chris Ehling), Ryan’s girlfriend Christie (Sunny Williams), and the would-be homeless roommate Max (Kyle Duncan Graham).  They all live, not-so-harmoniously, in one apartment, dividing the rent—as long as Max produces his share.  The dynamics of this quintet alone are enough to spawn a sitcom, if Desposito ever chose to take it in another direction.  However, as the plot unfolds in Nicotine Stains, things are anything but humorous.

I have seen Lacy Hornick before in the first episode of Zombie Whisperer (also from Gennaro Desposito, starring Matt Fowler).  In Zombie Whisperer, Hornick plays a distressed woman with an unruly zombie in need of—you guessed it—zombie whispering; she adds loads of great humor to the episode, like the best of Saturday Night Live performers I’ve seen.  (Honestly, I think she’d make a great addition to the SNL cast!)  In Nicotine Stains, Hornick plays a serious role as Jen, Charlie’s girlfriend—and what a great job she does of it, showing her awesome versatility as an actress!  Always believable in her roles, never conscious of the camera, absorbed in the character like a chameleon, Hornick is always a joy to watch.  As I said before, I look forward to seeing her in the many more roles I’m sure she’ll have in the future.  I’d wish her luck, but I don’t think she’ll need it.
“Okay, enough with all the plot and well-deserved praise,” you say.  “Is there enough gore and blood to make this one satisfy a gorehound’s sweet tooth?”  Absolutely, positively YES!  If you have an appetite for show-it-like-it-is, don’t-watch-it-till-the-kids-are-in-bed (or not in the house at all) horror films, then Nicotine Stains is enough to overload your calorie count for the day…and then some!  Yes, you might even need to go on a movie-watching diet for a few days after you see this one!  Desposito holds back nothing, with a movie reminding me of the best in old-school special effects and in-your-face visuals that truly stick to your stomach.  Yes, I’m still thinking of a certain decapitation scene unlike anything I’ve seen before, even as a veteran of [seeing] such things.  The gore is graphic, while still leaving room for the imagination; a most cutting effect is the result.  While not too much for my taste, it is definitely not for the squeamish or those with a weak vagus nerve; so be forewarned.  However, at times, there is an ironic but effective dark humor slicing its way into you, as you watch some of the most graphic scenes.  Or, maybe it was just my subconscious attempt to find relief from the otherwise effective realism—indeed, quite a compliment for a horror film, I’d say.

And who is the one deserving extra praise for the special effects and makeup in Nicotine Stains? Kelsey Boutte, that’s who!  Yes, with a horror film that delivers the gore so copiously (and so realistically), with blood and guts aplenty, this horrorhound gives a high five to Boutte!  Kudos to Boutte for making the movie so visually disturbing, giving it a cringe factor of 10 Rockets in the gore department alone!  Yes, in a horror film I can actually thank someone for making something “disturbing.”

I don’t always mention soundtracks or scores in a movie review, but there are some films that require it to properly praise all who deserve credit.  Nicotine Stains is one such movie that truly owes a huge amount to the composer.  Ian Flux has done an insanely awesome job of creating an original score that captures the ever-darkening madness in Charlie’s mind.  Increasingly disturbing sounds and lingering, heightening notes accompany the exact moments when things are getting worse visually (for the viewer) as well as mentally, for Charlie.  A soundtrack is always a monster part of what makes a movie work; Ian Flux delivers the goods in Nicotine Stains, making its effect, like Charlie’s madness, slow burning but powerful, and more than addictive.

Writer/director Gennaro Desposito has created a most original story about cigarettes, in a time when I thought everything had already been done—at least everything so original.  I am a fan of Desposito’s work, and Nicotine Stains is yet another example of why.  He pushes the boundaries and defies the odds to find something new and horrifying in the most ordinary things.  For more of his work, also check out the Zombie Whisperer series (also featured here on Space Jockey Reviews, and also starring Matt Fowler.)
In case you haven’t figured it out already, I highly recommend that you seek out Nicotine Stains.  It’s a movie I will definitely add to my own collection; I will add it even though I’m trying to cut back on movie buying in order to leave at least minimal living space in my home.  Yes, there are always a few movies that make me look for extra space on my movie shelf, and Nicotine Stains is one of them.  It’s a slow-burning ride into madness, mayhem, murder, and more; and the gore smokes, unfiltered, from its smoldering story, making us oddly happy we inhaled it in the end.  Yes, there’ll be no urge to stop this one “cold-turkey” halfway through it.  If you’re lucky it will only stain your psyche with nightmares vicariously lived, without transforming you as well.  Now, enough with all the cigarette similes and movie metaphors, I’ll say; enough with all the addicting details before your first puff.  Just see the movie, before you kick the habit!  But, whatever you do, don’t let your cigarettes talk you into it.

“…once I got a taste for the blood, what a goddamned rush!” ~ Charlie

Nicotine Stains is written and directed by Gennaro Desposito, form Brooklyn West Productions, Inc., Starring Matt Fowler, Lacy Hornick, Chris Ehling, Sunny Williams, Kyle Duncan Graham, Renee M. Sher, Donald McCutcheon, and Chelsea Collins as the lead cigarette, Produced by Gennaro Desposito, Kimberly Desposito, and Chris Ehling, with Associate Producers Megan Powers, Terie Desposito, Joseph Desposito, Don McCutheon, and Alicia McCutcheon, Assistant Director Megan Powers, Director of Photography Graham Robbinson, Stunt Coordinator Matt Fowler, with Special Effects & Makeup by Kelsey Boutte, and original music by Ian Flux.

Now, go ahead and check out the trailer!  Go ahead!  You know you want to!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Death Valley Dreamlapse

DEATH VALLEY DREAMLAPSE from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo. Space Jockey Reviews, of course, could not resist posting and reviewing this truly out-of-this-world wonder/music video featuring the most-loved pieces of pretentious matter in the universe--stars! Wow! What an extraterrestrial treat this truly is for, as we always say, "humans and aliens alike."

"Death Valley Dreamlapspe," as its called, was shot and cut by Gavin Heffernan, and produced by Michael Darrow, Rachel Payne, and Ben Dally of Sunchaser Pictures. With poetry in motion--literally--stars and meteors dance and swirl through the heavens to the song "Stay Dim [Ambient] = Moby," from infinitely more than a thousand words. Yes, no special effects are necessary here. All that's needed are cameras pointed skyward, at Death Valley National Park, and the universe does the rest.

Such a cosmic wonder from light-years beyond could not be overlooked here at SJR! Absolutely not! The best part is that, to see it, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home on Earth! So, there it is, above, just as all stars should be. Enjoy!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Roger Ebert (1942 - 2013): A Tribute in Memory

There are always people who do a particular thing better than others; there are always those who, further, stand out as the one who arguably does a thing better than any other.  Of course, most important are those who do a thing we love personally, inspiring us to do it better, like no one else can. For me (and countless others), Roger Ebert was just such a man who could do something I love so much, better than anyone I know.

From the time I can remember watching movies, I’ve loved them! What better way is there to escape the repetition of an ordinary day—to be someone else, somewhere else, living a life only movies can give us?  From the time I remember listening to what anyone had to say about a movie, I remember Roger Ebert.  I remember staying up every weekend, late, even when I was tired, just to see Roger (with Gene Siskel) discuss the good and the bad about the latest films in Sneak Previews, and later, At the Movies.  I remember listening to Roger’s intelligent, in-depth thoughts about films, finding more than simple entertainment in them, discovering the complexity of ideas they offered.  How I remember enjoying the polite but honest discussions Roger and Gene would have, always able to agree to disagree or find common ground, then moving right on to the next movie and the next great discussion. Yes, as rivals, they were truly a perfect duo for great movie talk. With every show, I always thought how I’d love to do the same myself–sparring (or agreeing) about the latest films with the man who did it best.

Later, after Gene’s death, it was Ebert and Roeper, and I remember again being excited to see the show continue, even with the absence of Gene Siskel, who no one could ever replace.  Roger, being so good at what he did, could hold the show together on his own, if he had to; but, luckily with Richard Roeper’s personality and presence, again he wasn’t alone.  Roger had found another companion, and I was content to think that the show would last, with Roger at least, as long as I was here to watch it—somehow.

Of course, eventually Ebert and Roper and the show by any name came to an end, and I remember missing it immediately.  I remember weekends that were always missing something; I stayed up late sometimes, as if by habit, to see a show that no longer existed.

Of course, that was not the end of Roger Ebert as a part of my life.  I continued to read his books, to read his reviews online, and, perhaps more importantly, do something he had inspired me to do—write movie reviews.  Yes, in the spirit of Roger Ebert, I began, many years ago, writing my own reviews.  With each one I still write (although I in no way consider myself as good as him), I do try to emulate, with great ambition, at least a little of his style, his thoughtfulness, and his ways of finding the poetic significance in movies often missed by others.  I attempt, only in a shadow of Roger’s success, to make a review a work of art unto itself, making the movie—the subject of the review—almost incidental.  Yes, like no other I know, Roger wrote reviews that were honest and straightforward, unafraid to tell it like it was, making the review a feature to be enjoyed as much as the movie it was about.  I only try to do as Roger Ebert did; in doing so, I am confident that I am at least better at what I do than I would be otherwise, without him as an inspiration.

I sometimes even wonder if I would ever have written a single review myself, if it had not been for Roger’s influence in my own life.  Yes, I sometimes wonder just how much his influence on me may have been.  While I can’t put a measurement on it, I can say, with certainty, that he was inspirational in a way no one else was, setting the high mark higher than anyone else.  Through Roger, I saw movies in a whole new way; and through his perspective, I was changed for the best and forever.  Of that, I am sure.

No, of course, I never knew Roger personally.  I never met him, and he surely never knew me.  However, I’ve known him, it seems, as long as I can remember.  He’s been a great friend to me—a big part of my life as all good friends should be.  I will miss him dearly; but, with his inspiration, he will live on forever as all good friends should. With every review I write, I will always remember Roger.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Warlock's Magic: The Series


Wow! Space Jockey Reviews has rockets ready to launch with Warlock’s Magic: The Series! What’s it all about? It’s a live-action fantasy from the mega-creative mind of author Christopher C. Miller. For more to tantalize and tease, this quote from Christopher himself does it best:
“The story follows three heroes who live in a magical world ten thousand years before recorded history and how a random encounter could destroy that friendship.  It’s a world much different than the one that exists today–a world of magic, of mystery and of monsters. The reason why you’ve never heard of these places and stories is that they were lost to time. But they did happen, and this world was very real. [And] one battles the forces of evil in the name of justice.”
Warlock’s Magic: The Series stars Christopher C. Miller (Eugene “Sticky Fingers”), Lien Mya Nguyen (Mei), Kristina Hagan (Toxina), and Danny Aridi (Jason); it’s directed by Larry Hicks, with a story and screenplay written by Christopher C. Miller, and produced by Kristina Hagan, from Cineplex Studios. The first exciting episode is titled “Warlock’s Magic: Sacrifice at Demon’s Rock.” Look for it and all the episodes on the independent television station KMVD!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the trailer for Warlock’s Magic: The Series below. See, among other amazing things, Lien Mya Nguyen (aka Space Jockey Mya) kicking some serious warlock butt! Just be sure to dock your rocket ships first! (Viewing this and navigating at the same time is already illegal in 13 galaxies!) Also, stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for all the latest Warlock’s Magic info, news, and trailers! As always, SJR will take you there!

A stunning closeup of Lien Mya Nguyen from the series!

Lien Mya Nguyen and Danny Aridi ready to kick warlock butt in Warlock’s Magic: The Series

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chris Rennirt – Space Jockey Reviews Live from Indianapolis

Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting none other than John Horrordude Ginder at his home, along with Lien Mya Nguyen, Stephen Oost, and Michael Grove!

I truly cannot say enough great things about John. He's a wonderful person, through and through, with everything about him being as genuine as it gets! To top it all off, after a delicious meal prepared by his wife Belle, John and Mya interviewed me for The Contagious (Podcast Talk Show)!

What a truly great day it was, spent with great friends--and, at the end of the day, having another amazing friend too! Thank you, John Ginder, for great food, great hospitality, an awesome interview, and for making yourself another great person I'm proud to know! Plus, the next time back, John's wonderful wife, Belle, has already promised us homemade egg rolls! So, a return trip is a sure thing! You can bet your Space Jockey stars on that one!

Now, enough with the sentimental stargazing and talk about food; let's get on to the awesome interview! We had a blast, and I'm pretty sure you will too! After you look at all the great photos, click on the audio file to start the interview! Click below that for a light-speed trip to The Contagious (Podcast Talk Show) website too! Above all, and whatever you do, enjoy! We had a blast, in true Space Jockey style!