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Monday, August 19, 2013

Zena Sadé Dixon Interview

Start the countdown, and launch the rockets! Space Jockey Reviews is proud to present an interview with one of the horror genre's most prolific writers and hosts of interviews herself--Zena Sadé Dixon (aka Real Queen of Horror). This uber "fashionista" and true lover of all things horror tells it like it is here, just as she does every day in her spirited critiques of the best and worst in cinema. So, just like Zena, don't hold back or hesitate another second! Go right ahead and click that start button above, and let the horror begin! As a bonus, you'll also see a courtly collection of the queen's most royal photos! As Zena says, "Long Lives Horror!"

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Below are just a few of Zena's many beautiful photos you won't want to miss! :D


  1. Awesome interview! Zena is a super-cool gal, has a great humor, and she's also damn gorgeous :)

    Wouldn't mind if you'd interview me too, Chris ;-)

    1. Hi, Maynard!

      Thanks for stopping in!

      Yes, Zena is as cool as a gal can be! Her interest in horror is enough to keep me talking for days; her interview is truly one of the finest I've had the pleasure of doing. Next up are a series of podcasts we're doing, discussing some of the best of horror films to be found (and maybe, on occasion, even some of the worst). ;-)

      I'll be happy to interview you too, Maynard. We'll set one up soon enough! :-)

    2. Yeah, she's really fun. I already had the honor of interviewing her =)

      This was meant as a joke, but... really? Cool, I'm in! Of course, we can't meet 'in reality', but we could do something else via the magic of internet :)

  2. Thanks for checking out the interview, you guys are awesome! :) One of the best interviews I've done! Looking forward to our film discussions!

  3. Zena's interview was so fun to listen to and I really enjoyed it! :D