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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yes, I know this is a movie review website, but I just had to make a small exception for this awesome artist and gorgeous girl of goth--Miss FD! Besides, her music video has everything to make an exception that...well...isn't really an exception at all. Miss FD is an out-of-this world, ten-rocket performer with everything she does, making videos that are much like movies anyway.

The song and video that just blew this Space Jockey's rockets beyond the stratosphere is one called "Love Magick." What a captivating song it is with, again, all the things that really make it fit right in here on Space Jockey Reviews. There are hungry zombies vying for Miss FD's love (or should I say, flesh), while she fights them off with hearts that explode and disorient them until...well, until they mindlessly fall in love all over again! (Yes, that's what I call real "undying love.")  It's also complete with bats, a full moon, and even a creepy castle in the background!  Did I mention that the zombies are dancing?  Yes, they are, and not doing a bad undead job of it either!  Great special effects and even acting tell a story with music that, again, fits right into any category here on Space Jockey Reviews! Technically, this video could even be called--without much of a stretch--a short horror film (wink, wink). Perhaps even a musical!  Yes, being the Editor in Chief does have its priviledges.

Miss FD is such a compelling damsel of darkness that she's even a no brainer choice for a mindless zombie. Watch Miss FD's video below, check out her stellar website, and follow her on Twitter as well. There are lots more great gothic gems to be found there! On the Space Jockey control panel, Miss FD's music is always set to launch!  I absolutely love "Love Magick." Enjoy!

Check out Miss FD's website by clicking here!

Check out Miss FD's Facebook page by clicking here

Check out and follow Miss FD on Twitter by clicking here

“Love Magick” is on Quantum Release Records. The video was directed by Adam Alvarez, with background illustrations by Josh Smith. 


  1. I freakin' LOVE Miss FD! I want to be her BFF. :) She's not only gorgeous, she has a wonderful voice. Have you heard her song "Together Forever"? I highly suggest it.

    1. I agree with as many great things as you can say about Miss FD! I love her voice too; she's awesome! I have not yet heard "Together Forever" but I will be sure to check it out now! Thanks, Jenny! :)

  2. UPDATE: It's two months later, and I'm still listening to "Love Magick" on a daily basis.

    CONCLUSION: "Love Magick" has the lifespan of an undying zombie! :)