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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jessica Fowler Interview

Space Jockey Reviews has just launched its ten-rocket limit in honor of the latest superstellar interview with actor, dancer, singer, and choreographer Jessica Fowler! Jessica is a truly awesome actor (and overall talent) of the highest altitude at Space Jockey Reviews--and surely anywhere else in the universe! She's inspired, ambitious, capable, and as down-to-earth honest and real as anyone I've met. All of this translates to one seriously gifted and natural actor. Yes, I'll stake my entire Space Jockey reputation on Jessica! She's an actor who becomes the part, as if it's really her, with all the passion and enthusiasm that anyone could have! The word "superstellar" (often used at Space Jockey Reviews), isn't nearly enough to describe Jessica!

Yes, anywhere there's a movie that needs making, Jessica is the one for the job! Looking for what she's never done before, hoping to outdo even herself, is always her mission. "No acting or movie-making challenge is too great, so bring it on," she'd surely say. Yes, from what I know about Jessica, I feel confident to add that as a quote she'd say herself. To see her at work doing her magic, don't miss Past Due! As Jennifer--the sassy, rebellious, but oh-so-loveable girlfriend from next door--Jessica shows her power of performance, on screen, boldly, for all too see! Trust me! Jessica rocks as an actor...with aftershocks!

Jessica Fowler herself added this to show how much she truly appreciates the special people in her life:
"I just wanted to mention my wonderful boyfriend, Joe Helm, who has supported me through everything that I have ever wanted to do; he has truly believed in me, has encouraged me to follow my dreams, and I love him so much for that.  I am so blessed to have someone that believes in me as much as he does! And thanks to my family for all of their support and faith in me as well--Jaime Westcott, sister, Dad, Bruce Fowler, and mom--Karen Scharre-Peterson!" ~ Jessica Fowler
And now, without further fanfare or well-deserved applause, I present to you the Space Jockey Reviews exclusive interview with Jessica Fowler! I had a fantastic time doing the interview, and I'm sure you'll have as much fun listening to it. Enjoy!

And now for more awesome photos of Jessica Fowler! 

Jessica, the day of the interview, at Mimi’s Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky


Jessica, with her boyfriend Joe Helm

Jessica with friend, Missy Johnson

Jessica with her Labrador Retriever, Chloe (Like me, Jessica is a true animal lover!)

Jessica in a Jeep! (Since I’m a Jeep man, I had to include this photo, of course!)

Jessica rehearsing lines on the set of Past Due

Jessica (on the set of Past Due) with a special-effects wound to the head!

The Past Due movie poster, featuring Jessica Fowler

Check out the Past Due movie trailer, featuring Jessica Fowler as Jennifer!

Jessica Fowler (left) with cousin, Jesse Dale Shelton (right)

Check back for all the latest news about Jessica Fowler! Jessica has the brightest of futures ahead, as sure as there are stars in the sky!

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