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Monday, August 20, 2012


Here it is, all you Space Jockey explorers of superstellar cinema!  It's "the long-awaited, final trailer for the Louisville, Kentucky based action comedy Billy Inaction"--written and directed by Jimmy Humphrey!  It's a full-length feature, coming to DVD this fall, along with its companion piece Painwheel: The Making of a Movie Called Billy Inaction.

"What's it all about?" you ask.  The best way to answer that is to use quotes from the movie creators themselves. Meet the colorful characters below, and you'll see what I mean.  Each one is featured on his/her very own Billy Inaction movie poster.  Together, in order, they even spell the movie's title--Billy Inaction!  How cool is that?  Off the Space Jockey Rocket Meter already, I say.

Billy Duckett as himself – “Ruthless. Truthless. Nearly Toothless. Did we mention he’s the hero? While waiting in line for a new video game release, slacker Billy Duckett get’s more than he bargained for as destiny steps in and hits the select button, changing his life in ways he could never imagine.”

Jimmy Humphrey as The Ringmaster – “Twisted and hellbent on revenge after years in the circus, the villainous Ringmaster plots a foul reign on the city and especially it’s mayor. Little does our hero Billy Duckett know how he fits into all of this… he takes center stage in the Ringmaster’s vengeful sideshow.”

Rocko Jerome as himself – “In control of the deadly southside mob, crime boss and Kung-fu master Rocko Jerome vows to destroy his elusive rival Gustav Monyar. Little does Rocko know that Gustav has an ace up his sleeve in the guise of the unsuspecting Billy Duckett.” I know Rocko Jerome personally, and he’s no man to mess with! Trust me! Rocko means business!

Theresa Plappert as Miss Kitka – “Dangerous and beautiful, Miss Kitka, the world’s foremost female Russian assassin plays all angles. Hired by Rocko Jerome to handle some loose ends, not even Kitka could foresee whose side she’ll be on when the last body drops.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a particular fascination with female Russian spies–who are invariably sexy.  Are there any exceptions here?  Absolutely not!  Theresa Plappert as Miss Kitka already has the part nailed with her appearance alone.  From here, it can only get much better! Miss Kitka even has her own sexy action figure already. Check it out!

Roni Jonah and Ashley Brightwell as The Siamese Twins – “The deadly Siamese Twins are the left and right hand to the villainous Ringmaster. Swearing their allegiance to the defunct Red Triangle Circus, the twins aid in a dastardly plot to destroy the mayor and kidnap a certain well-known talk show host.” Do Siamese Twins really get any sexier than this pair of undercover operatives? Absolutely not! A beautiful couple like this up to no good spells only one word–D-A-N-G-E-R!  Look out, but look often at this dynamic duo, as they will surely command attention!

Matt Goodlett as Jeff Brisco – “As the much beleaguered number one guy to Gustav Monyar, Brisco is about to hatch a plan that the mob boss won’t be able to resist. But Brisco discovers he’s opened a Pandora’s box of mayhem when that plan involves the hapless Billy Duckett.”
Finally, in case you’re having trouble putting all those letters in line to see the title, below is the fantastic final poster for the film!  Way cool, again!

Finally, in case you’re having trouble putting all those letters in line to see the title, below is the fantastic final poster for the film!  Way cool, again!

When I say it doesn’t get any better than this, I mean it! With Billy Inaction, there’s a little (or, I should say a lot) of everything that everyone wants in the best of action/comedy films–sexy women, dastardly villains, unlikely heroes, ruthless henchmen, a killer plot, and sexy women. Did I say sexy women twice? Good! I meant to! No, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but knowing what I do, I have the highest expectations…and anticipations!  This Space Jockey, for one, will be there the night it premieres! A full review will follow, of course. Don’t miss it, and check back for updates on the movie, the DVD, and everything Billy! In the meantime, plotting and playing the possibilities in your mind, enjoy the awesome trailer below!

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I Eat Poop Films presents a Jimmy Humphrey film, Starring Billy Duckett, Theresa Plappert, Matt Goodlett, Rocko Jerome, Jimmy Humphrey, Shawn Coots, Brandon Ingram, Karen Condra, Roni Jonah, and Ashley Brightwell, Written and Directed by Jimmy Humphrey

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