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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Brooke Lewis is such a Space Jockey favorite that I could not resist creating a post to showcase her and the wonderful video produced as a tribute to her by her friend Parrish Randall. Randall’s words below very well sum up the wonderful person that is Brooke:
Brooke Lewis, an amazing force. Talent, intellect, professionalism and integrity…she is the personification of positive energies! Here’s to you, Brooke!!!” ~ Parrish Randall
As Chris Rennirt, Editor in Chief at Space Jockey Reviews, I am also proud to say that Brooke is a friend of mine. She has a heart of gold, in so many ways that I’ve lost count. In Brooke’s own words, “I love and support people who share positive messages through their work and creative endeavors.”  And certainly, she does! One outstanding contribution is her role as a “Certified Life Coach” and founder of “Be You and Be Fearless”. With this, Brooke’s commitment is (in her own words again) to “empower teens, young adults and women to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice.” Brooke’s caring spirit and dedication to this endeavor is evident from every word she writes about it. For more information about the organization and Brooke’s work, check out her RSS Feed at the Huffington Post by clicking here.  Also visit Brooke’s “Be You and Be Fearless” website at

Of course, Brooke is also an actress, writer, and producer famous here at Space Jockey Reviews for those talents alone. She even has her own production company: Philly Chick Pictures! Brooke’s resume of acting includes the off-Broadway comedy Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, and onscreen includes The Rules (For Men), A Packing Suburbia, Fare Well Miss Fortune, and Pride & Loyal. She also made the October 2009 cover of SCARS magazine, with iMURDERS co-star Tony Todd. And the list goes on and on! But, of course, with a star like Brooke, it’s no surprise. One of Brooke’s movies that I love will be reviewed in an upcoming post featured here on Space Jockey Reviews. Let’s just say that it’s one that got her a much-deserved Golden Cob Award! Be on the lookout for that!

No tribute to Brooke could be complete without mentioning her talent portraying the character we know as Ms. Vampy–the sassiest, sexiest vampire diva out of Transylvania…or anywhere in the Space Jockey universe! As Ms. Vampy, Brooke is the type of vampire vixen men try to attract rather than repel. Making sure there is no garlic to be found, no sunlight, no mirrors, and gladly inviting her in whenever she may appear are just a few things mortals do to woo the company of Brooke. As Ms. Vampy or as a human, Brooke is a true force of beauty and talent unmatched in the natural or supernatural world.  In whatever role she plays in life or onscreen, she’s a star of the greatest magnitude at Space Jockey Reviews!

Brooke Lewis as Ms. Vampy

See Ms. Vampy at

Check out Brooke Lewis at

Visit Brooke’s Philly Chick Pictures at

“Be You and Be Fearless” at

See the “Official Brooke Lewis Fan Page” on Facebook by clicking here!

Check out and follow Brooke on Twitter by clicking here! (@BrookeLewisLA)

And now for Parrish Randall’s video tribute to the amazingly-talented, abundantly-beautiful Brooke Lewis–always inspired and equally inspirational! For her, a 10-rocket salute at Space Jockey Reviews has just been launched! Brooke, keep doing what you do! We love you!

Since I never get enough of Brooke, also check out this awesome interview with her at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards. (Video shot by David Medill, Brooke’s peppy personality and effervescence alone are enough (in Space Jockey terms) to fuel a sun or two another million years…at least! See for yourself here!

Could we ever end a tribute to Brooke Lewis without a clip of the ever-lovable, always alluring vampiric vixen herself, Ms. Vampy? Absolutely not! So, here it is. In this episode, Ms. Vampy has a hot date! In Ms. Vampy’s words, “Stay and play and have a bloody good time, or…bite me!” Enjoy! :D 


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    1. Thanks, Jenny! Brooke is a great gal, a voluptuous vampire, and the list goes on and on! :-)