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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


“I write horror. So far, I’ve only killed with words.” ~ Jill Kill

Jill Kill is a high-class horror hottie to die for, for sure! She’s a gothic gal, with haute couture style to spare and more accents than a vampire who’s lived in every country for eternity. What’s better is that this carnal cutie is also one rocket-fueled reviewer of cosmic cinema! What better combination of beauty and brains exists in the time/space continuum than Jill? “None,” I say! What better video of Jill is there to start with than one featuring her dressed as Death–the character from the Neil Gaiman Sandman comics. “None,” I say again! Oh, and that British accent; it packs enough fuel to power our sun another 10 billion years–at least!  Yes, Jill is a sultry, raven-haired siren who can melt a man faster than a Buck Rogers ray gun on full power!  Watch Jill below, and you’ll see what I mean; she’s reviewing The Thing (1982).  A horror hottie reviewing a hot horror film is a combo not to be missed by any fan, for sure!  Enjoy! (Trust me, it’s effortless!)

One dose of Jill Kill is never enough for me, so let’s do another! (What a beauty she is!) In the next video, Jill shows off her natural good looks, out of her comic-book-character costume, at the premiere of the Filipino horror movie The Road. Jill talks about a number of other things, including her own Filipino heritage. This time, she even talks with an equally seductive Filipino accent! Yes, Jill is hot enough to burn a hole in the Sun, but, like a moth to the flame, she always brings me back for more. Watch her videos at your own risk. They are addictive!

Jill Kill is featured in the Star Showcase because of her uncommon talent as a movie-reviewing maven of cinema. Whether a flapper, a gypsy, a hippie, a superhero, or Death, Jill’s a natural, shining every time, like a star on the silver screen. Besides, Jill is also an experienced SAG actress and horror hostess, among her many credits. She currently writes and produces for television (most recently the Adult Swim show Loiter Squad) and has a horror script in the the works that is, no doubt, “a killer.” Jill is available for writing, hosting, acting, voiceover work, modeling, etc.  She may be contacted through her website at

“I prefer to live and work in a world of my own imagination.” ~ Jill Kill

The Space Jockey Time Machine sees an infinity of great things ahead for Jill anywhere she goes; no solar system has the power to capture her as its own! Check out more of Jill’s video reviews on her Youtube channel by clicking here!  Subscribe and be one of her “Darklings” today!  There’s light years more where this came from!

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When the Borg said the famous line, “Resistance is futile,” they were actually referring to Jill Kill. As I started to end this post, I was compelled, by cosmic forces beyond, to include yet another video of Jill. In this one, she’s dressed as Selena Kyle (Anne Hathaway) in the upcoming sure-to-be-blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Here, Jill shows off another of her unique appearances, dressed to the nines, and fit for the cover of Vogue! The hat, gloves, and everything is just…perfect! Enjoy!

Over and out for now fellow rocket riders! Don’t stay “down to Earth” too long; there’s too much out there to see–like Jill Kill!

An interview with Jill Kill is in the works! It will be featured in an upcoming post on Space Jockey Reviews. Stay tuned!

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