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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here's the ever-ambitious, pretentiously-overreaching Sir Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) of Weyland Industries.  (Of course, he's a billionaire business man, as well.)  He's stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy, since his announcement of plans to build the first humanoid robotic system, indistinguishable from a real human.  Yes, the time has come, and even people in the year 2023 aren't ready for it.

Sir Peter challenges ethical boundaries and the Vatican, with pride and determination, while always following his motto, “If we can, we must.”  After a three years of media blackout, Weyland has finally taken the stage to reveal his plans to proceed.  With Sir Peter's attitude here, it's easy to see the origin of the famous line I must repeat again: “Bring back life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.”

Check out Sir Peter's crowd-shocking announcement below, and weigh in on the debate.  Everyone's sure to have an opinion on this one.  If only everyone knew what greater things there are to worry about!

After the video, check out  There’s a lot of interesting stuff over there!  Enjoy

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