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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As the Space Jockeys travel the universe, they encounter many brilliant stars along the way.  Some shine brighter than others–enough so to deserve a special place for all to see.  Rachel Bright–the beautiful and talented star of Red Balloon (featured here on Space Jockey Reviews)–is one such beacon of light.  Her performance in Red Balloon alone shows acting ability that is natural, real, and believable.  In Red Ballon, Rachel turns a stereotypic babysitter into a character who is original and unique, yet familiar enough that we care about her–all in less than thirteen minutes!

Rachel’s resumé, of course, includes far more than her part as the babysitting teen in Red Balloon.  She is, perhaps, best known for her performance as Poppy Meadow in the British soap opera, EastEnders.  However, regardless of her role, she always seems to live it, rather than act it out.  It is for this reason that Rachel is showcased in the first of a series of posts highlighting the best and brightest of stars found earthbound and beyond.  Watch Rachel’s showreel below, and you’ll see for yourself why her future, as well as her name, is truly Bright!

To see Rachel's complete filmography on IMDB, click here!

If you haven’t yet seen Red Balloon, click here to see the whole thirteen-minute film!  It’s at the top of the "Short Films" page, on my website.  Don’t miss it!

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