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Sunday, May 27, 2012


"One of my ultimate goals is to create different types of horror films that everyone sees, hopefully allowing millions of people to review my films!" ~ Zena

For the few of you who don't yet know "Lovely Zena," let me introduce you.  She is, indeed, (true to her name) the essence of "lovely," being a "Real Queen of Horror" as well! Zena's an ever-alluring blue-blooded beauty and royal reviewer fit for the court of any king. She tells it like it is, reviewing cinema that chills and kills with wit and charm, warming your heart, before she takes it from you. Yes, no horror fan's heart is safe from Zena! Just when you thought nothing could be better, there's more! Zena does it all in sumptuous styles and frightful fashions.

“… I LOVE HORROR! If horror was a person, I would so be its friend.” ~ Zena

When it comes to beauty and horror, Zena blends the two to make them one, in a style that's all her own.  "Under my manicured brows," she says, "my eyes have matured in observing the beauty in everything, even in the most HIDEOUS."

Watch Zena's video below (Too Fast Clothing), and you'll see new meaning to "stealing one's heart" in style.  The fusion of beauty and horror here is seamless!  (Those spine-pattern high heels with the zombie handbag are just perfect, surely looking no better on anyone than Zena!)  From the fate of the guy in the car, I think he'd agree!

"Oh là là!" as the French would say.  The way Zena reviews that handbag and set of spined heels makes me almost wish (just for a moment at least) that I was a girl myself, able to enjoy it all as much--that is until I realize it's better being a guy dazzled by Zena's presence as "The Queen."

“My mother reared me from the womb on dairy and horror, both of which I still hold dear to my heart.” ~ Zena
Okay, with Zena being The Real Queen of Horror, one viewing of her is never enough. To sit in her court is to be addicted.  So, here's another of Zena's videos not to miss; in this one, she's giving an honest, tell-it-like-it-is review of Fright Night. Trust me!  The heart will not beat to overheat, before she finishes and claims it for her own. Enjoy it while you can!

I guess I'd better stop right here, while I still have my heart.  It skipped a beat several times, while writing this review.  Luck can't last long with Zena on the screen. In this kingdom, she's the queen! :)

"Originality is a dying art that needs to be revived I am, the Real Queen of Horror. ♛" ~ Zena

Check out Zena's website by clicking here; check out her Youtube Channel by clicking here, and follow her on Twitter by clicking here. Surrender your heart in advance!

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