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Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Essence of 50s Sci-Fi!

Let's face "It," you either love 50's sci-fi, or you don't!  If you are one of the lucky who love it, then this is, unquestionably, one you'll want to see.  It has everything a 50's sci-fi lover loves: painted outer space backdrops, a rubber-suit monster, subservient female astronauts, and a classic missle-shaped rocketship with a sparkler propulsion system. Yes, it's classic 50's sci-fi, and this is the essence of It's charm. It has all the standard nostalgia that the lover's of its kind have grown to expect and endear.

This is the type of movie that should be forgiven for the limitations of its time and appreciated for its story--a story which is actually, on its own, exceptionally good for any time. Yes, any lover of the genre will appreciate It's originality--the fact that never before had a monster been brought back from an alien planet on a ship. Never before had a monster on a ship picked-off astronauts one by one, as it slipped through air ducts. Yes, this reminds me of another of my all-time favorite films from another time and place. "It" also reminds me that great special effects are only a small part of what makes a movie a classic. So, sit back, turn out the lights, forget what the year is and where you are, and enjoy It!

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